NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND | volume eleven.

-  this weekend was welcomed with tearful, open arms. real talk: i had the crappiest week at work. after the dust settled, i'm feeling a little hurt, but i also have the peace that paul talks about in philippians 4:7. i get so annoyed when people post vaguely about situations, but i'm basically at a crossroads at the moment. i've weighed my options, and the conclusion i've come to is that i trust that God is working on my behalf.

-  jared + i watched black panther this weekend. i give it 3.5/5 stars.

-  i was feeding jackson a banana and felt something on his gums. he has TWO teeth coming in! aaaand he has started pulling up + repeating dada when we say it to him. it's fine, i'm fine. (nope.)

-  after discussing our financial plan that was supposed to transition me into staying home in a couple years, we realized that it will be more feasible + beneficial to make it a five-year plan. we are wanting one more baby, so it only makes sense to put ourselves in a really good spot before i decide to stay home/home school.


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