pregnancy: month five.

DUE DATE:  june 22, 2017
WEEKS:  18 - 21
TRIMESTER:  second
GENDER:  boy!


i haven't had any of the "bad" symptoms [morning sickness + such] during my pregnancy. (unless you count mild nausea that lasted about ten days around weeks 7/8.) of course, i've had other symptoms, but it's more of common occurrences of growing a baby- peeing more frequently, exhaustion, and though they are always sore, 'the girls' have grown so much that i have to go up a bra size. [best. symptom. EVER.] 


unsweetened tea, all day - errrday. i also crave chocolate milk like it's going out of style, but i limit my intake.
well... i try. :)


i started feeling this sweet boy's tiny movements around week eighteen. the kicks have only gotten stronger as the days go by. every time i feel the first kicks in the morning, i grabbed my belly and say, "good morning, baby!" jared has felt a few little kicks as well.


once i hit the second trimester, i finally started to feel like myself again in terms of energy. but- the insomnia. oh, mylanta. no one told me there would be nights when i would wake up and just... lay there. it happens a few times a week. and once i'm awake, i can't get comfortable. it also seems that jared + milo are snoring the loudest during these glorious moments.


i have no shame in admitting that i've been wearing maternity pants since week ten. i didn't technically need them at that point in my pregnancy, but i couldn't handle walking around with unbuttoned pants all the time or using a rubber band to hold my pants together. the only maternity shirts i've purchased thus far are basic essentials: a black tank top, a white tee, and a gray tee from target. my mama bought me a few things at the mall that are super cute, too. i'm also starting to wear jared's work t-shirts more often around the house because the bump is starting to stretch out a few of my other tees. i also bought a pair of maternity leggings from h + m. you guys. i cannot change my clothes fast enough when i get home every day. i told jared that i pitied him because he will never know the joy of wearing maternity leggings. ha!


being a boy mom. finally deciding on a first name. registering for our baby shower. decorating the nursery.

thank you to amanda for inspiring the new format of these monthly posts. 
fun fact: her due date is the day after mine!  


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