Tuesday, February 7, 2017

baby keimig is a . . .


we are so thrilled! i have said for years that if i had all boys, i'd be okay with it. well, between husband and our dogs, i'm very outnumbered now that we are adding another boy to our family. :)

now begins all the things:  nursery, name, registry, etc.

i am working from home for the majority of my maternity leave, and since the only available space we have is the spare bedroom, the baby's nursery will double as my office. at first, i thought about setting up a space in our entryway, but then i realized that our son will have no concern about his nursery decor or that mommy will be working in his room. he will be an infant, not fifteen.

it's funny how - as i get older - the things i envisioned when i was younger seem frivolous and silly now. younger amber would have said we need to buy a bigger house so i can have my own office and baby can have his own room. but i LOVE our home- the location, the backyard, and those dreamy hardwood floors. as i get older, i realize more and more each day that we could strive to have bigger and better things, but... why? a bigger home or an expensive vehicle or whatever society is trying to sell as success isn't going to help me raise my son better. it's up to jared and i to create an environment with God at the center, constantly praying for guidance as we navigate marriage and parenthood and such.

between preparations for baby and working through tax season + learning taxes, the next several months are going to be nuts. but i am soaking in every single moment - even those annoying moments of insomnia at two in the mornings - because these are the days i prayed about for so long. i don't want to take anything for granted during this process.

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