Wednesday, September 3, 2014

T H R E E // when i grow up.

"when i grow up, i want to be..." feel free to answer as your five-year-old self or as of now.

when i saw today's prompt, my heart sank a bit. i have written and then deleted three different drafts for this post. i never want to portray my life as something it is not. i can put on a happy face and write a cutesy post about how i wanted to be an astronomer & a crime scene investigator & a grocery store cashier (something about swiping items and hearing that beep!) when i was a kid.

or i can take off the mask and tell you that i am twenty-eight years old, and i have no flipping clue how to answer that question. often times, i feel as though there are so many expectations in that question. the pressure of having it all figured out is overwhelming. the truth is: the plans i had for this point in my life did not work out - not even in the least!

i do not have a college degree. i've worked at the same job since i graduated high school. ten years as a bookkeeper. don't get me wrong - 95% of the time, i'm happy with my job. i work with my mama & g-ma. we aren't open on fridays, so that means three-day weekends april 16th through december 31st. january 1st - april 15th are not as fun, but i seriously have nothing to complain about. i know how blessed i am to actually have a job considering today's economy.

for a long time, i was convinced that grown ups have college degrees and careers and marriages and kids and homes and all that jazz. but my journey is different. and sometimes that gets misconstrued as 'less than' or unsuccessful. i'm not saying degrees or babies aren't great; i'm saying that everyone's paths are different. i am not defined by my 9-to-5 or relationship status. [ahem, or lack thereof.]

what i do know is that this is where i am supposed to be, right here - right now.
God is working, even if i cannot see it.
in the waiting, He is weaving together a glorious plan through the everyday moments.
whatever He has in store for me, i know it will be for His glory and my good.
as i journey through this crazy-beautiful-hard-wild life, i just want to glorify Him in all i do, on whatever path He has me on at that moment.

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