Thursday, September 4, 2014

F O U R // fashion trends.

pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. win us over!

//  rings: forever 21  |  nail strips: target  //

fashion trend i love // midi-rings! i wear them every single day. forever 21 has then on the cheap, so i stock up when i am at the mall. the dainty ones are my absolute favorite because they add a little flare to any outfit.

honorable mentions:
//  gray skinnies. i am rocking this pair right now!
//  ankle booties. i am searching for a good pair.
//  modesty. you can cover up your lady bits and still look darling and fashionable. dress to express yourself; not to impress men or others.

fashion trend i dislike // croptops. i cannot tell y'all how many times i've picked up what i thought was a cute, normal-sized shirt - only to find that half of it is missing. when i see girls wearing croptops with low-rise jeans, i want to offer them my cardigan and whisper,
HELLO, cover yo-self up, homegirl. you're worth more than that. i don't really mind them paired with high-waisted jeans/shorts, but i still don't want to see all ya epidermis. 

honorable mentions:  
//  wearing leggings as pants. if it covers your booty, i'm okay with that. if it doesn't - i cringe for you on the inside.
//  high-wasited underwear.  i mean - shorts. when your bootycheeks hang out, i cannot tell the difference. 

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