Monday, April 14, 2014

tulips & prayers.

in november of twenty-twelve, i planted tulips. i'll be honest: i only planted them because i knew they would be gorgeous to photograph, but i didn't have high hopes that they would actually bloom because i've never planted flowers before.

i rounded the corner yesterday, and there before me was a sight that made me squeal with delight and run to the house shouting, "they're blooming! they actually bloomed! mama, come loooooooook!" as i edited these pictures last night, a thought struck me:

planting those tulips is kinda like prayer.
i read the directions // i read the Word.
i plant the bulbs // i present my prayers of petition to God.
i water and cover them // i soak in what God's Word says.
i wait until springtime for the blooms // i put my trust in a faithful God who will answer in His time.

so why didn't i think the tulips would bloom? well... i hoped they would bloom, but i had no trust or confidence that they would be seen the following spring. i used to have the same approach to my prayer life. i would present my requests to the Lord, but for the longest time, i just hoped He would answer them. my faith was lacking because i didn't have full confidence and trust that He would answer my prayers. i was just going through the motions of what i thought prayer should be.

our God is a faithful God. His character has proven itself time and time again. i can confidently trust that when i approach His throne, He hears my prayers, pleas, and cries. i will patiently wait for His answer because, like jeremiah 29:11 says, He knows what He's doing. He has it all planned out—plans to take care of me, not abandon me, plans to give me a future. it may not look like what i envision, but His plans are far greater than anything my human mind can fathom.

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