Sunday, August 31, 2014

a month in review // august.

* beautiful golden hour light
* chai latte from my favorite coffee shop
* cupcakes for my birthday
* sunflower bloom

- God is at work, even when i cannot see it.
- making goals is so helpful for a procrastinator like myself.
- and if i don't reach those goals, it's okay. grace over perfection.
- i don't have to wait for the life i want to live; it's here - right now. create it.
- "having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."
- i am not defined by whether or not an item does not get checked off my to-do list.
- the ability to find beauty in the ordinary on a daily basis has changed my attitude.
- when a two-liter bottle of root beer falls on your toe, it will not feel good.
- God puts people in your life at just the right time.

> i started a budget // step one of living simply.
> lots of iced coffees and a few shopping trips with mama.
> wrote out goals for the month.
> indulged in wayyy too many fruit bars.
> friday nights spent with my soul sistah.
> i fell in love with the coffee shop atmosphere and chai lattes.
> snapped [too many] photos of blooming sunflowers.
> cheered for the sooners at the first home game of the season!
> celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday!

write a mini-series about bloggingpart one  //  part two  //  part three
start a budget.  when i looked at my spending over the last seven months, i was kinda shocked. a budget is much needed!
purge the bedroom & closet.  i have a severe form of the i-might-need-this-one-day syndrome. but living with less does not mean i am living less. there is freedom in living simply.
read three books.  i finished two - love does & cold tangerines
finalize new blog design.  i went back and forth all month about a re-brand or fresh design. i'm still debating.
exercise three times a week.  umm... this did not happen, but in my defense - oklahoma heat, y'all. #nuffsaid

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