Friday, August 22, 2014

exploring freedom.

as i'm typing this blog post, i'm doing something i've always wanted to do: go to a coffee shop + write.

i've only been here for ten minutes, but i can already tell you i love this. the coffee shop atmosphere is delightful - the chit-chat among friends [some louder than others. girl in the middle - inside voice!], the smell of coffee [like heaven], and this chai latte [my first one!].

this experience almost didn't happen though. earlier i was laying in bed, watching an episode of law & order: svu. okay, it was my second of the day. the thought occurred to me - it's friday, get out of the house and do something. as usual, i mentally listed all the reasons why i shouldn't. but you know what? i'm tired of the excuses. i'm tired of putting off tomorrow when today is here; someday may never come.

i want to see the beauty in this life of mine. the journey - it has bumps and curves - but there are still wildflowers on the side of the road. there are places to explore and people to meet and grandeur to discover. i wasn't created to just exist - God made me for His glory and to live & walk in His freedom. i can't do that if i'm holed up in my bedroom all the time.

so here i am - stepping out of my comfort zone. surrounded by people i've never met. writing a blog post i didn't plan out. drinking a new latte. i feel awkward. i'm probably older than all the college kids here. i feel like everyone is looking at me. 

but i must say - it is quite marvelous to throw caution to the wind and explore freedom. 

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