Tuesday, August 26, 2014

on setting goals.

making goals has always been intimidating to me. the what-ifs convinced me that i should refrain. the possibility of not completing a task was equivalent to failure in my mind. and i did not need to add more success to my list of unsuccessful-ness. [that's totally a word... maybe.]

in my quest to create a simple life, i have discovered the benefits of setting realistic goals for myself. life seemed stagnant recently until i made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it. my lack of motivation and procrastination have slightly diminished. writing out daily, weekly, and monthly goals gives me a sense of drive and determination.

i'm learning that almost-successes are often more beneficial than accomplishments,
because those times of almost resulted in crucial lessons that i would not have learned had i accomplished the task at hand.

and i'm learning that sometimes it's not about how i start or finish.
it's about the moments in between - no matter the level of significance - that can make all the difference.

i'm learning to dream big goals,
because when i serve a mighty God whose divine fingerprints are everywhere.   

and more than anything, i'm learning to hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.
it's not about checking off all the boxes, but about challenging myself and growing into the woman God created me to be.

do you make goals?
how has that impacted your day-to-day life?

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