Wednesday, August 20, 2014

java talk // 1

there is something about coffee that can turn a simple chit-chat into a heart-to-heart. what is it about having a cup of coffee in hand that makes conversations that much better? [not just conversations - coffee makes life better, hallelujah + amen.] what is it about a latte or cappuccino that awakens our hurts and feelings [and eyeballs] to one another?

whatever the answer, i want to bring that atmosphere to this blog. each week, i plan to share updates on life, little tidbits, and what i'm diggin' at the moment. i've noticed a lot of 'coffee talk' posts floating around the blogosphere, but the format inspiration for this post comes from the lovely ladies at maiedae.

it seems fitting for the first post in this series to be about coffee, so grab a cup of java [or whatever you prefer] and let's chat!


//  keurig + k-cups. a couple years ago, i received a keurig for christmas. it's possibly the best present since my easy bake oven. after months of trying different k-cups, i finally found the perfect blend - tully's french roast. it's an extra bold dark roast with a smoky, decadent taste. i add my favorite creamer, girl scouts thin mint, and it's heaven in a coffee mug.

//  starbucks' caramel macchiato.  i decided to step out of the box and try something different a couple months ago. i am so glad i did because this drink has become one of my favorites!

//  starbucks' peppermint mocha.  this is my holiday drink. nothing screams christmastime like mocha & peppermint.

//  mcd's vanilla iced coffee.  i live in a small town. the nearest starbucks is thirty minutes away. this is the next best thing.

what are your go-to coffee drinks?


i am in the process of trying to simplify all areas of my life. i have accumulated a lot of junk, so my first task is getting rid of the excess. i have spent the last week cleaning my bedroom, organizing my finances, and creating a budget. while i'm purging the tangible things, my prayer has been that God will work on my heart. there's junk in there, too. and God loves me too much to leave me in my mess.

do you have a budget?
any tips for me as i start this budgeting process?


+  the power of story.
+  john mayer singing about a sleeping puppy makes me happy.
+  i [like so many others] am so inspired by this girl's 37-piece wardrobe.
+  i really enjoyed this post from kelly needham about journaling.
+  this blog has been so helpful lately. the writer's guide + writing prompts are my favorite.

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