Wednesday, August 6, 2014

blogging // year one.

a year ago today, i launched this blog. [if you want to celebrate with fro-yo or a cupcake or a pint of ice cream, go on with ya bad self.] during the month of august, i am sharing a mini-series about blogging - the how, the why, and the process.

blogging is fun and creative and awesome and sometimes weird. my first blog was more of a what-not-to-do learning process. with UTOS, i have created a space that better reflects who i am. but even now, i feel a shift. i know what i want this space to be. i know where i want it to go and grow. in a world of instant everything, i am reminded that the process [of anything] is beautiful. valuable lessons are learned in the waiting. blogging has taught me a few things:

- i have developed friendships with people i've never met in person. there are a handful of ladies who hold a special place in my heart. their constant words of wisdom propel me to see beyond my circumstances and look to the One who holds it all in His hands. the blogging community is the best part of curating this online space.

- i found my voice. for the better part of my life, i shied away from stating my opinion. my need to please everyone and keep the peace resulted in silence and smiles. somewhere along this journey, i discovered that i have my own voice not influenced my outside opinions. it won't always be popular; others will disagree. but i am free to be open and honest.

- vulnerability is beautiful. scary - yes, but so beautiful. there's always at least one person who can relate to whatever i'm going through. and if not - there are ladies who will simply offer prayers. [though prayers are anything but simple, in my opinion.]

- comparison robs creativity. it's one thing to be inspired by a blogger; it's another to magnify our shortcomings and their highlight reel.

the words and photos i've documented in the last twelve months are full of good memories and hard times. and i'm thankful beyond measure.

favorite posts from [year one] of under the oklahoma sky 

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