Friday, March 28, 2014

photoshop actions from a beautiful mess.

the (always) creative ladies at a beautiful mess recently released three sets of photoshop actions. i have been a reader/fangirl for many years, so i bought all three! in my opinion, it doesn't matter what type of photographer or level of expertise - anyone with a passion for photography should own at least one of these collections. [my favorite is the folk collection. those matte tones make me swoon, i tell ya.]
they even have a mini collection, which contains a sample of their favorite actions, but here's a helpful tip - just buy them all.

i love how versatile these actions are. bright & cheery, crisp & colorful, or subtle & moody, there's an action for whatever mood you're trying to portray. i haven't picked up my dslr in weeks because i have been feeling uninspired, but these actions have jump-started my creativity. [oklahoma finally got the spring memo, so that helps, too.] i am so excited to play around with these collections!

paris - fresh collection  +  bright contrast - ABM basic actions

willis - folk collection 

sunday - folk collection

lula [b+w] - signature collection  +  light leak 2 - folk collection

margeaux  +  light leak 1 - folk collection

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