a month in review // july.

*  celebrating freedom
she reads truth: sermon on the mount devotional was one of the best i've worked through
*  give me all the salads, all the time
*  summer flowers make my heart happy

- there is beauty in the process.
- the grass isn't always greener on the other side. it could be astroturf.
- walking around with your shirt on inside out for most of the day is hilarious and humbling.
- if it's not my problem, it's not my business.
- even in my mess, He pours His grace & mercy on me every single day and shows me i am beautiful because i am His.
-  "the more beauty we find in someone else's journey, the less we'll want to compare it to our own." bob goff.

- celebrated mama's birthday & the fourth of july with family, friends, and fireworks.
- i shared my life journal.
- i finally watched grace unplugged and ohmylanta, i loved it.
- i made way too many GIFs with the new party party app.
- i shared what's in my bag.
- one of my photos was in a magazine! 

around the internet:
+ this pin.
+ four reasons to hate 50 shades of grey by matt walsh.
+ follow reid wiseman on twitter to see pictures from space. seriously, earth is so beautiful.

and finally, a joke for this fine thursday.

what do you call a blind dinosaur?
a doyouthinkhesawus. 


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