Saturday, July 26, 2014

rubbin' elbows with brooke davis.

back in may, people stylewatch emailed me about featuring this photo in their how do you read your stylewatch? section. ( ! ! ! ) it wasn't in the july issue, so i figured they didn't need it after all. no biggie.

so last monday, i sat down with my turkey & cheese melt, sweet tea, and the august issue of PSW. i'm chowing down when all of a sudden -
i see it. "OH MYLANTA - THAT'S MY NAME - THAT'S MY PICTURE!" mama was all girlfriend is crazy, but then i showed her and in typical mama fashion she replied, "honey, you're gonna be famous one day." [she's goofy, but i love her anyway.]

true story: i had a moment when i realized my name is like an inch from photos of reese witherspoon and brooke davis, uhh - i mean sophia bush. [one tree hill forevah.] it's like we're friends now, right?

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