2015 erin condren life planner.

my 2015 erin condren life planner came in the mail over the weekend and schoolgirl squeals quickly ensued. it's like christmas in july, y'all!
i have been a fan of the ECLP for a few years thanks to my darling friend, cassie. in turn, i have converted two of my favorite people as well.
[here's the review of my 2014 ECLP & the EC address book.]

close to the end of last year, instead of just writing down to-do lists and appointments, i began documenting my everyday life as well - fun happenings, goals, quotes i found on pinterest, blog posts, the little things, etc. it turned into a life journal. this method of documenting the daily occurrences of my life has quickly turned into a fun habit. 

here's my 2015 EC life planner [journal]

i've said it before, and i'll say it again - i'm a sucker for pretty packaging!

 in the past, it's taken me a week or longer to decide on a cover design. but with the new interchangeable covers, i can change at any time!
if you know me, this design fits me to a T. first off, flowers are my love language. [just look at my instagram.]
secondly, everyone who is close to me calls me amber dawn. of course, it is my name, but it still makes me smile nonetheless.

 open up to the inside cover and you'll see this prettiness.

 the weekly format is broken down into morning, day, and night with a goals & notes section on the side.
not pictured are over twenty-five lined and blank pages for note-taking, lists, etc. i use mine for quotes & ideas.
[another new feature this year is the clear ruler, pictured above.]

 each planner comes with two sheets of labeled stickers and two sheet of blank stickers. [240 total.] you can customize them as well!

back cover // double-sided 'keep it together' folder, perpetual calendar, & clear zip lock pocket.

 the planner also includes twelve gift labels. how pretty!

 the perpetual calendar is a new [and wonderful!] addition this year. in past planners, the birthdays & anniversaries section was in the front, but now it's a handy booklet, which is great if you ask me, because re-writing every birthday/anniversary was time consuming.

 inside the perpetual calendar booklet. there are also a few pages for contact info for friends and family.

 as i mentioned before, i use my planner as a journal. this is what one week looks like - lots of color & washi tape.
[not pictured are the new coil clips. you can attach invites, ticket stubs, etc. mine will be here next week!]

  the bottom section can be used for a number of things, but i use it to write one thing i'm thankful for that day.

 Jesus & coffee. always.
2013, 2014, and 2015 life planners 

i cannot recommend these planners enough. for me, they are tangible books of memories and thoughts and dreams. whether you like to be organized or write down daily happenings like i do, this is a great product.

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