the circle: what's in my bag?

today i am linking up with the circle for this month's theme: what's in my bag? 

 on the left is my bag and on the right is my purse. this sounds strange, but i put my purse in my bag when i'm going to and from work/church. i take it out when i run errands or go shopping. now that you ladies know how weird i am, let's talk about what's on the inside!

 these are the items i carry in my bag:
-blog binder & blog ideas journal - for all my ideas and thoughts for this blog. [i'll be posting about these soon!]
-EC life planner - where my to-do lists and plans are scheduled. 
- pens & washi tape - to write (duh) and make it all pretty.

these are the items i carry in my purse:
keys - yes, that's an OU key. hollllla.
hand sanitizer - cause ya girl is a germaphobe.
wallet - from target.
gum - orbit's sweet mint is my all time favorite. 
baby lips - yep, i kinda like them. (not pictured: every other color/flavor available.)
bobby pins - i am growing my bangs out and these are necessary for that process.
excedrin migraine - i make sure i always have this because it's the only thing that helps.
sunglasses - the bright purple is great for summertime.
not pictured is my iphone, but i had to use it to take these pictures.


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