weekend photo diary.

 pretty little flowers on the deck.

 gelato, aka: bliss  //  the color on my nails is my new favorite!

 great movie! it gave me the feelings
if you haven't watched this movie - please drop everything right now [unless you're holding a baby] and make it happen!

after i hit publish on last night's post, inspiration hit me! i spent over an hour writing down ideas. it was energizing!

my favorite summer drink is sweet tea with a few splashes of lemonade.

the SRT: sermon on the mount study is rockin' my world in the best possible way.

more pretty little flowers.

i've said this before, but starbucks' blackberry mojito tea lemonade is the bomb dot com. 
[not pictured is another one because that's how i roll. and i had a free drink coupon.]


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