Tuesday, October 22, 2013

confessions of a bookworm.

you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” [c.s. lewis]

mr. lewis gets me, y'all.

i love to read, 'tis true. i have loved books since i learned how to read sentences. it all started with dr. seuss' books and the little golden books with that iconic gold foil spine. (i still have them, too!) when book reports were assigned in school, i finished before the due date. reading inspires, captivates, and takes me on adventures. i feel the characters' emotions as they play out in beautiful words. i even have a pinterest board dedicated to books and goodreads profile. there are a few quirks i have when it comes to how/what i read:

⏫ there are three genres i read: Christian non-fiction, young adult, and the classics.

⏫ i prefer paperbacks to hard covers.

⏫ i have what feels like a never-ending to-read list, but i still buy at least two books a month. i have a problem, y'all.

⏫ rain + a good book + a hot cup of anything = heaven on earth.

⏫ i am a firm believer in reading the book before watching the movie. always.

⏫ there are three things i must have while reading: something to drink, a pen or pencil to write notes or underline the good stuff, and a blanket.

⏫ i loathe trashy/erotic romance novels. and yes, that means i had no desire to read fifty shades of grey.

⏫ my bookmarks are random items. i always lose the bookmark when i read in bed and spend five minutes looking for it in tangled blankets.

⏫ i get a little bummed after i finish a series. but the next day i start a new one, and it's all good again.

⏫ contrary to popular opinion, i love a book with cracked spines.

⏫ when i'm at a reeeally good part of a book, i have to cover the upcoming paragraphs and pages i haven't read because my eyes want to skim and see what's going to happen because i get so excited/anxious/scared.

⏫ sometimes i want to sell my belongings and just sit at home, drinking coffee and reading books all day. and then i snap back into reality because books and coffee cost money. and then there's target. oh, target.

⏫ there is only one book that i stopped reading halfway through. the language was foul and utterly appalling. i now google reviews profusely before buying a book.

⏫ i admit that i jumped on the e-reader train a few years ago. all aboooard! reading books on my kindle was fun... for about a month. then i realized that nothing compares to that feeling of holding an actual book one hand, coffee in the other, with that irresistible book smell swooning the senses, and marking great quotes and memorable moments.

i basically just proclaimed my love for literature, but there are some classic works that i have yet to read. e.g., the great gatsby, pride and prejudice, the catcher in the rye, gone with the wind. i knoooow, i know. don't hate. they are on my never-ending to-read list, i promise.
i also admit that i am twenty-seven years old and reading the harry potter series for the first time. (currently on book five) these books have been somewhat of a controversy in the christian community for years. after many friends suggested i read it, i decided to try the first book. well, the day after i finished it, i bought the rest of the series. you want to know why harry potter is so beloved by its readers? because jk rowling is a brilliant storyteller. listen, do i want to go out and practice magic? no. do i believe magic is real? no. do i want to be a witch? NO. this is a work of fiction, aka: not real. that is all i have to say about it, but if you want to discuss it further, send me an email.

favorite books, in no particular order:
- redeeming love - francine rivers. never has a book affected me as much as this one.
- the christian zombie killers handbook - jeff kinley. if you like sugar-coated truth, this book is not for you. it's is in my top ten, for sure.
- crazy love - francis chan. the pages of this book are highlighted and marked so much.
- love does - bob goff. i love his writing, bits of humor, and wisdom. it's highlighted a lot.
- orange jumpsuit: letters to the God of freedom - tara leigh cobble. she is honest and relatable.
- the help - kathryn stockett. the movie was just as good as the book.
- the hunger games - suzanne collins. no explanation needed.
- divergent - veronica roth. this is my second favorite trilogy. 
- collision - stefne miller. it wrecked me. like i could not function for an hour. tears, tears, and more tears. but that's why i loved that book.
- salvaged & rise - stefne miller. attie depicts my love and passion for sooner football perfectly. there's also a web series!
- matched series - ally condie. her poetic writing is beautiful.
- harry potter - jk rowling. i haven't finished the series yet, but it's already a favorite.
- the twilight series - stephenie meyer. although the movies were ughhhh, i still liked the books.

the books i am anxious to dive into are:
jesus is - judah smith // hp - book 6 & 7 // the fault in our stars // creature of the word - matt chandler // one thousand gifts - ann voscamp // kisses from katie - katie davis // the great gatsby - scott fitzgerald

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