erin condren life planner.

santa claus delivered an early christmas present today! and by santa clause, i mean the mailman. when he pulled into the driveway, i squealed with happiness because i knew what was in his bag of presents. i mean... mailbag. i present to you my erin condren life planner.

it took me a week to decide the color scheme and tagline. i chose grey & purple and one of my favorite scriptures.

the weekly pages are broken down by morning, day, and night. i use those squares to write to-do lists, goals, happenings, etc. 
i love the new addition of lines under the weekly layout. i plan to write what i am thankful for each day in 2014.

current 2013 planner // new 2014 planner

   i write what i love about the seasons on the monthly calendars.  

it might be easier to ask siri to remind me what i need to do or type it into a nifty iphone app, but i need to disconnect from technology more. 
it's my way to record and remember special memories, events, happenings, etc.

ps: this is not a paid endorsement. i just really like this product!


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