like the morning fog.

i stumbled upon this picture on my phone and thought back to the morning i snapped it before heading to work. a dense fog covered the earth like a blanket of snow. a fog so thick, my mama would say you could cut it with a knife. visibility was limited, making it difficult to see the traffic lights. it reminded me of the fog i have invited into my heart and thoughts this past week.    

i was thisclose to deleting my blog and every social media account last week. in a moment of frustration and vulnerability, i gave a foothold to my feelings, and it almost got the best of me. i wrote a little about my instagram annoyance. since then, the same thing happened with another user, but this time, my picture with the quote they added was re-posted on a huge ig account - with NO photo credit to me.

i sat at my desk this morning and cried. not because of instagram thieves, but because i have let thoughts, hurts, disappointments, and everything in between build up for weeks, maybe even months. i have been dwelling on the pain and questions and what if's.

i'm raising the white flag. i let the fog stay and consume me far too long, and i can't do it anymore.

i don't want to devote anymore time and energy to worthless things that have no value to myself or others. i don't want to trust my feelings or fleeting circumstances when the constant Almighty meets my needs and then some. why dwell on things i cannot change? worry is nothing more than putting my trust and faith in that which i am concerned about instead of trusting in God alone. His Word says He will work everything out for my good. when i look back at my life and remember all the things i've worried myself sick over, i see that God worked it out. maybe not my way, but His way, which is infinitely better for me than anything this world has to offer.

james 4:14 says, "how do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? your life is like the morning fog - it’s here a little while, then it’s gone."

life is so short... but a breath. like the morning fog. yet i choose to spend some days concerned about situations and people i have no control over. i choose to believe the enemy's lies and let them cover me like a fog. but that fog only stays if i let it.

today... i choose to surrender. i lay my worries and concerns and disappointments and questions and hurts at the foot of the cross.
i choose to trust in my Creator, leaning on the fact that i am His and that is enough. He is enough.


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