Saturday, March 1, 2014

half birthday.

today is march first. this makes me giddy for several reasons:
- spring fashion and pastels.
- the beginning of easter celebrations. 
- daylight savings. hello, sunshine. i have missed ya.
- march madness starts soon.
- april immediately follows march. april = good riddance, tax season!
- spring is coming, which means beautiful spring flowers & exploring & taking pictures. be still, my soul.
- today is my half birthday. 

half birthdays aren't really a thing, but i treated myself to red velvet & vanilla bean cupcakes and purple tulips - just because. 
now i'm off to make a pita bread pizza. cheers to being twenty-seven and a half!

ps: i am typing this blog post from my new macbook while drinking coffee and listening to music. i'm an official blogger now, guys. [kidding] 

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