- i am officially a macbook owner! if anyone has tips for a first-time mac user, please share.

- grammar tip of the week:  it is "you're welcome"; not "your welcome".

- i took out a sleeve of thin mints in under fifteen minutes. don't judge me.

- tax season is officially halfway over. hallelujah!

- joy is not dependent on circumstances.

- i had to use my windshield wipers this morning because wet stuff was coming out of the sky. i think it's called rain.

- whatever she's got is my jam right now.

- breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

- texts from my daddy always give me a laugh.

- my tulips are peeking through the earth now. just thinking about spring flowers makes my heart leap. come on, spring!

- i came across this pin, and it has really stuck with me. create happiness.

- i am only a morning person because of coffee.

- tomorrow is my half-birthday. you best believe i'm celebrating it because i'll find any excuse to eat a cupcake. or three.


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