erin condren address book.

when i started writing pen pals, i had no idea how much i would come to love it. i also had no idea how hard it would be to find an address book. they seem to be non-existent in our smart phone culture. leave it to erin condren to save the day. it's no secret how much i love
 my EC life planner. when my address book arrived in the mail, it was like christmas all over again. cue the carlton banks happy dance.

the address book is the same size as my life planner. there is a page for each month at the front of the book to keep track of special dates, like birthdays & anniversaries. the address pages are laid out from a to z. it has a very useful zip lock pouch in the back where i keep stamps, labels, and stationery. to sum it up, erin condren delivers the perfectly packaged goods. again

and like before - this is not a paid endorsement. i just like erin condren's products that much.


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