let's be pen pals.

in today's culture, technology allows me to stay connected to family and friends across the globe. i can follow along as they post updates about their lives, kiddos, experiences, etc. while i love social media, i don't want likes and retweets to replace actual relationships.

i pondered ways to accomplish this task while running errands earlier this week. as i opened the mailbox, i remembered the excitement of getting mail when i was a kid. of course, it was usually a birthday card, but nonetheless, that act of kindness brought a little joy to my life. these days, there isn't much excitement in opening the mailbox because bills and junk mail greet my eyes. then it hit me... pen pals!

if i want my relationships to go beyond likes and followers and tweets, why not try the old way of communication: writing letters.
personal, hand-written, technology-free letters. yes, please!

here's the plan:
i want to write at least once or twice a month.
topics can be about life, faith, Jesus, the good & bad, and everything in between.
it doesn't have to be letters. it can be cards, drawings, art, cute scripture cards, etc.

if you're interested in becoming my pen pal, please e-mail me your name, mailing address, favorite color, and birth date.


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