Thursday, May 1, 2014

a month in review // april.

- there is something about country music + sweet tea + sunshine.
- seemingly ordinary moments are shaping me. they are all significant to this life story He is writing.
- a little chaos is okay.
- embrace this beautiful, crazy, messy, wonderful life God has created.
- when i get too busy or lazy - or whatever excuse i come up with - to spend time with Jesus, i give the enemy a foothold for sneak attacks.

- i went blonde.
- took a little road trip to the azalea festival in muskogee.
- revival at church. youth night was SO. GOOD.
- bye to tax season! hallelujah.
- attended meagan's wedding with some of my favorite people.
- one of my photos was featured on ABM!
- copious amounts of mexican food were consumed.
- spring came with all its glory and beauty.

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