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creating:  101 in 1001 list // a few new posts ranging from lessons i've learned since high school to a review of a fun new instax product.
cooking:  i have made so much mexican rice in the last week that i might start speaking español any second.
drinking:  all the coffee. all the time.
snacking:  red hots. they're not technically a snack, but i'm sure the snack police will let that slide.
reading:   meet me in the meadow  //  happy to be alive, because   
watching:  breaking bad, season one  //  the mindy project  //  and as always, law & order SVU.
wanting:  to buy this e-course from ABM.
looking:  for inspiration and the perfect slouchy white tee.   
playing:  matching with friends.
liking:  this girl's style. 
wasting:  too much time worrying about things that do not matter.
wishing:  the thunder will win the championship. 
anticipating:  the weekend and all its fun plans  //  summertime  //  falls creek    
enjoying:  having a lunch hour and fridays off. 
waiting:  for God to work because i'm learning that i cannot control people or change them. 
wondering:  if i should grow out my bangs. 
loving:  new coffee mugs  //  bedhead shampoo
hoping:  just that - hoping. because there is always hope.
marveling:  at the Gospel.  
needing:  those eighty degree temps to come back.
learning:  i cannot fix people; only Jesus can. all i can do is love them.
smelling:  freshly cut grass. amen.
wearing:  pink. because on wednesdays, we wear pink. [ten years later and that movie is still awesome.]
noticing:  bits of summer.
thinking:  how fast april flew by! 
bookmarking:  130 journal prompts.
giggling:  at God's sense of humor.  
feeling:  hopeful, anxious, happy.

idea from sydney.


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