do blondes have more fun?

a month after i graduated high school, i chopped all my hair off. the experience was traumatizing. now that might sound dramatic, but tears were shed, y'all. it wasn't that i missed my hair, but the cut was horrid. from that day forward, i vowed to never again cut my hair. i stuck to that and will continue to do so. while the length may never change, the color has. i've had highlights, red highlights, blonde and red highlights; i've been a brunette, redhead, and once i accidentally dyed my hair all black. when it comes to color, i'm fearless. the idea of going all blonde kept popping up in my head, so i decided to go for it. my stylist also cut an inch off, but no tears were shed this time. in the two weeks that i've been a blondie, i've learned a few things:

peoples' initial reactions are priceless. they do a double-take. there are lots of oh my goodness and whoa and i didn't recognize you responses. and then they stare and gawk and everything in between. i realize it's a huge change, but i do not like to be the center of attention, so at times i was overwhelmed. when all eyes are on me, i want to scream, "don't look at me, y'all!" 

i will never buy boxed hair color again. the last couple years i have resorted to drugstore hair color, but never again. i will gladly pay for a stylist (mine is superb!) to cut and color my hair. 

do blondes have more fun?  this will be a constant question. but contrary to the old adage, i'm a firm believer that happiness is not attributed to hair color or circumstance - rather, one's attitude. besides, i've always had fun, no matter the color of my hair. i will say that i have noticed i have more confidence though. i think this hair change was just what i needed to put a little pep in my step. 

the blonde jokes never stop. my favorite thus far:  two blondes living in oklahoma were sitting on a park bench talking. one asked, "which do you think is farther away, florida or the moon?" the other blonde turns and says, "hellooooo, can you see florida?!"


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