the weekend four.

▷  indian paintbrushes.  the pasture is a field of red right now. the sight of these little beauties means one thing: summer is coming!

▷  coffee mug & pretty nails.  if you've followed me for any length of time, you know how much i love me a pretty coffee mug. i couldn't pass up this one from naptime diarieslamentations 3:22-23 is one of my favorite verses, so that was my justification for buying a second coffee mug in less than a week. oh, and those nail strips? they're from the dollar store, y'all. i saw them at target not too long ago for about nine bucks. i paid three dollars. BOOM.

▷  fake bake self-tan spray.  i am so pale that i make edward cullen look tan. it's true, y'all. i have tried every sunless lotion and spray known to man. most left me streaked like a zebra, orange like an oompa loompa, or smelly & sticky like a wet dog. after years of searching for the perfect sunless tanner, i have found 'the one'. fake bake is a spray that is applied with a mitt. the results are fantastic - with no zebra streaks, no oompa loompa look alikes, no smell or icky sticky. [aubrey wrote a great how-to here.]

▷  a wedding, friends, and cake.  on saturday, my friend meagan got married. it was such a fun day and she was a beautiful bride. the best part of a wedding is always cake. don't get me wrong, i love witnessing a couple exchange vows, but it's CAKE, you guys. and the punch was oh-so good, too.


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