Friday, April 25, 2014


[week seventeen of my fifty-two week self-portrait project]

no weekly musings this week.

i'd apologize, but i think it's weird when bloggers apologize for not posting. i mean - it's MY blog and if i don't post, it's okay. yes, blogging is fun and one of my favorite creative outlets, but often times, i let the comparison bug creep in and bite me. so-and-so's blog has awesome content and i can't even string a few thoughts together for this week's weekly musings post.

BUT - that doesn't mean that i'm not going to blog anymore. i just need some fresh ideas, some new inspiration. i want this little corner of the internet to be a place of thoughts and memories and happenings and life lessons and encouragement. blogging is fun! i have met SO many wonderful ladies, and i cherish those friendships.

i am not sure where all this came from, but writing out unedited, unfiltered thoughts is okay. a little chaos is okay. this post not make sense to anyone but me, but - you guessed it - that's okay.

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