Monday, June 30, 2014

a month in review // june.

*  rockin' the transformers tees and consuming lots of yummy drinks to stay hydrated.
*  pickin' wildflowers.
*  there is beauty everywhere - even in the best buy parking lot.
*  starbucks' new blackberry mojito tea lemonade is delicious. so delicious that i got two in one day.

- people pleasing is an exhausting way to live.
- God is working in our youth group, even if i can't see it.
- always be kind to cashiers. they are people, too. it breaks my heart to witness others rude behavior toward them.
- if i don't want to do something, just say no.
- when i am active and eating healthy, i am happier.
- grace is greater than guilt.
- the guys' section at target has the best tees.

- i almost quit blogging.
- i celebrated my ten year high school reunion by not going.
- lots of shopping trips and starbucks' drinks with mama.
- i went to falls creek with my youth group.
- i watched transformers in theaters!
- seven years ago this month, i made Jesus Lord of my life.
- it's summertime, y'all. 
- i voted as a republican for the first time. i couldn't have cared less about what political party i belonged to when i was eighteen, but after years of voting, i finally made the switch. i'm not saying i'm a political aficionado - this is just me making a decision for myself.

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+  a friend sent this to me and i got waaaaay too excited.
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