summer lovin'.

summer is: strawberry lemonade, sandals, lightning bugs, tan lines, lots of sunshine, iced coffee, italian ice, VBS, cut-off shorts, sno-cones, drive-with-two-fingers-cause-the-steering-wheel-is-too-hot kind of days, freedom, fun in the sun, warm southern breezes, makin' memories, s'mores, windows down; music up, picnics, fireworks, fresh veggies, that fresh-cut grass smell, wildflowers adorning the highways, sweet tea in a mason jar, bright-colored nails, blowing bubbles, bare feet, pool days, watching a sunset from the porch swing, root beer floats, bbq's, garden-fresh salads, ice cream, bonfires, outdoor concerts, late nights, beachy hair, flip flops, and road trips.

summer isn't just a season; it's a feeling, it's a memory.
it's front-porch sittin' - sweet tea in hand - good conversation - surrounded by the ones you love.
it's the sunshine on your skin, the breeze in your hair, and the sights of God's beautiful nature.

it's summertime, y'all.


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