i was sitting on the floor of my ex's friend's living room. i didn't want to be there for many reasons. first of all, i didn't care for his fraternity friends. secondly, i was tired from working all day at a job i seriously disliked. but most of all, i was sad because deep down, i knew that relationship was toxic, but i was trying way too hard to make it work. i remember sitting down as they had just started a movie called transformers.

while i'd like to forget the details surrounding that first memory of watching my favorite movie ever, i will not forget how that movie made me feel. i'm keenly aware it's a movie about alien robots, but to this day, i cannot pinpoint why that movie affected me so much. [that guy dumped me via text a month later, so anything that remotely had to do with that relationship should produce feelings of disgust and numerous carrie underwood songs.]

here i am - seven years later - and i went to the midnight showing of the fourth transformers movie over the weekend. [!!!] transformers: age of extinction was incredible. the entire time, i kept whispering this is awesome and had my eyes glued to the big screen. the CGI was spectacular. [can i have a dinobot?] i saw it in 3D, and it was like WHOA. there are critics out there who have something to say about the movie, but i say WHO CARES? if i like it, that's all that matters. [at least that's what i'd tell michael bay if he asked me.] i'm thinking of going to the movies this week to watch it again.

i deemed last week "transformers week" - as you can see by the pictures. i rocked every t-shirt and drank from my favorite mug and bought my favorite snacks at the theater. some people may not understand my passion for these movies. [i almost didn't write this post because it's about a movie. nobody wants to read that, right?] but i'm learning more and more each day that this is my life. there will be people who don't understand it, but it's not their life to live. it's mine. for so long, i let others' opinions dictate my happiness, interest, decisions, etc. but now it's time to live my life the way i want, however i want.

"fifty years from now when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be about to say you had the guts to get in the car?


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