falls creek 2014.

i have been trying to find a way to start this post for over an hour, so i'll just say this: last week was one of the best weeks of my life.

from our kids & sponsors to the food & free time to the worship & preaching - it was the best in all the fourteen years i've been to falls creek. the Holy Spirit moved in that place, and none of us will be the same. i feel at a loss for words because i cannot accurately explain it all. even if i could, it wouldn't measure up to the amazing work God did in our lives.

in our youth group, there were six kids who accepted Jesus as their Savior and three kids who accepted a call into ministry. and it gets better. by the end of the week, there were 383 salvations and over 1,000 total decisions (ministry, missions, etc.) at falls creek. glory hallelujah!

what's so crazy to me is that a year ago, we were averaging six kids at church. there wasn't even a youth group - just a sunday school class. then God put it on my heart to start up a youth group on wednesday nights. now here we are a whirlwind year later, and that number has jumped to 18-25 kids. but it's not just about the numbers and it's certainly not because of anything i've done; it's a testament to the mighty God we serve and how He can use ordinary people - anywhere, any way, anytime. 

the theme this year is DRIVE. God's love drives, secures, transforms, and reaches us. the theme verse is 2 corinthians 5:14-15.
"for Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. and He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again."

nuggets of Truth that stood out during tabernacle time:

-  john 12:1-11. mary shows true conversion (defined as 'switching sides' // death to life; dead people to living people.) true conversion is personal. [no one can trust Jesus on my behalf.] true conversion is passionate. [passion = sacrifice. mary didn't sacrifice so she could convert. she was already converted.]  true conversion is public. [mary didn't care who saw her.]  true conversion is permanent. [because of what Jesus did on the cross.]
-  when Jesus asks a question, He already knows the answer. He wants us to seek Him and find the answer.
-  every christian is called to ministry. your mission field is where you're standing right now. we're all witnesses of what Jesus has done in our lives. we grow by going. it's not enough to know; we're called to go. doubt is displaced by doing what Jesus tells me to do. going together creates deep bonds of friendship. God's Kingdom grows as His people GO.
-  we are all God's creations, but we are not all God's children. [this blew my mind. not because i didn't know it, but because WOW, it's hard-hitting truth.] to become a child of God, "we must confess our sin, accept God's forgiveness, and trust in Jesus for our salvation."
-  "the process of sanctification begins the moment a person becomes a christian, but it takes an entire lifetime to complete."
-  when we're doubting, it's usually in correlation with disobedience and disconnect. obedience will make doubt disappear.
zacchaeus was a [wee little man. ok, sorry. you were singing it, too - don't lie.] chief tax collector, which meant he was filthy rich. he woke up one morning having no idea that by the time he went to sleep that night, he'd be broke as a joke, but richer than he had ever been before.
-  attitude change from Christ: rebellion to submission; selfish to selfless; temporal perspective to eternal perspective.
- love doesn't comdemn; it restores. // God is love. we are broken. Jesus reconciles.

if you would like to watch these sermons, go HERE and watch the videos labeled 'week 2 - clayton king'.

wonderful, funny, and crazy memories from the week:

-  hearing the question, "amber, can i talk to you?". every time that conversation ended, heaven was rejoicing.
-  multiple coke icees & black cherry and peach slushes.
-  the seat reservation times with mike & clarissa. the other sponsors probably thought there was more than just koolaid in our drinks.
-  worship with thousands of people and watching hundreds of kids give their lives to our Savior.
-  winning the standard contest!
-  growing closer to my soul sistah. without her, this week would not have been the same.
-  flipping my hair while telling a story and inadvertently getting a how you doin' look from a passerby.
-  i will never think of gatorade the same way every again thanks to clayton.
-  the awesome worship band, jwood & the even more awesome speaker, clayton king.
-  being told i look like hannah montana. [still not sure how to take that one.]
-  sponsor meetings with clarissa.
-  driving the church van. never, ever again.
-  our awesome cabin!
-  watching football with clarissa.
-  the sunday after we got back, God brought falls creek to our church.



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