Monday, October 20, 2014

life lately.

rejoice in suffering

metaphorically speaking, i feel as though i am doing good to keep my head above the water that rages around me. suffocating chaos. my initial reaction to adversity is to obsess over every minute detail of the circumstance instead of falling on my knees before God. i cry out to the Lord for help, only to realize He is right there - in the midst of the storm, standing on the water, holding me. being a Jesus-follower doesn't mean i am immune to trials; it means i can rejoice in suffering because i have a steadfast, secure hope in the One who saved my soul. that which draws me closer to Christ, whether it is rejoicing or suffering, is a blessing.

reading, watching, singing

1 & 2 peter.  at the risk of sounding redundant - this she reads truth study plan is the best, y'all. 
women of the word.  this book... i cannot tell you how much i love it. it's one of those rare reads that forces me to take notes, journal, re-read, and then read that paragraph again. it's just that good. i have such a passion for God's Word, and this book fuels that fire.

my favorite fall shows.  brooklyn nine-nine [jake & amy forever], law & order: svu [i heart olivia benson], red band society [nurse jackson is the best], the walking dead [the season premiere gave me all the feels. literally. terror, happiness, anger, tears of joy, curiosity.]

-  lauren daigle.  her new ep is good stuff. if you like adele, you'll love her.
-  anomaly - lecrae.  i love what this guy is doing for God's Kingdom.

it's fall, y'all

october, november, and december mark the most wonderful time of the year. the newness of fall stirs this inward reflection of the year and what's to come. sometimes ending the year is more important than how i started it.


one of my goals for this month is to incorporate more of my life on instagram. while photos of flowers and nature are always lovely, i want to share more of my heart and little peaks into my everyday life. i find myself hesitant to do so. it stems from some ridiculous notion that i need to impress those who follow me. i think more than anything, people gravitate toward authenticity. real life. words and photos that remind them to stop and enjoy this crazy-beautiful life.

grace upon grace 

i keep repeating this to myself lately. sometimes i change it up to grace & love. i need lots of both at the moment.

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