in the details.

the autumn season brings a sort of newness as it ushers us to the end of the year. i often take this time to reflect and make a few changes to improve the remaining months of the calendar year. colorful leaves and cooler weather seem to reignite my creativity, inspiring all kinds of refreshing ideas. this always starts with redecorating my little bedroom space.

i spend quite a bit of time in my corner of the house. it acts as a small safe haven from the outside world where i write, edit photos, veg out, enjoy movies, and catch up on my favorite tv shows. though my bedroom is small, i can still incorporate my style and personality within the details. a few years ago, i painted the walls white. this was a major stretch for me. as a kid, my parents gave me free reign when it came to bedroom decor. i've had almost every color on those walls. i can honestly say white has been my favorite. i love their understated beauty. they don't demand attention; they enhance the details.

when i was brainstorming ideas for a bedroom refresh, i knew i wanted to combine my love of nature with pops of color. there were two areas in my room that needed updated: the gallery wall and my bed.

for the gallery wall, i combined all the little things that make me happy. i want the details to tell a story. the acrylic photo block from tiny prints showcases one of my favorite photos i snapped a few weeks ago. [with my iphone!] flowers are my love language, i tell ya. i incorporated my love for nature by adding a few pine cones throughout the room. my sweet grandma gracie crocheted that little house. i love having little reminders of her.

to freshen up my bedding, i kept the white down comforter. white against white seemed too much at first, but then i added colorful pillows, and now i never want to get out of bed! the black and white polka dot pillow with my initial is so fun. i really like the vibrant diamond pillow with the word LOVE. i chose that word because love is why we are all here. the other pillows are very special and sentimental. they are hand-painted by my mama's grandmother. she also crocheted the purple details on the ends.


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