a month in review // OCTOBER.

*  back to brunette
*  fall is here
*  my favorite wildflowers are blooming
*  new iphone case and coffee

-  "there are no untouchable moments for God."
-  over-analyzing a situation will make ya crazy.
-  sometimes i don't know anything at all. HA!
-  "my heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and what misses me was never meant for me."

>  we had a bonfire with the youth group kids & revival at church.
>  i updated my bedroom with some fun pieces.
>  soul sistah time. it's my favorite. :)
>  i went back to brunette. i'm not one to regret my decisions, but this one was immediate. the color is pretty, but i like the blonde better.

this is probably where i should give a legitimate excuse as to why i only completed one of my six goals for this month. but i got nothin'. i have been busy with this and that. the beginning of the month was one of the toughest i've had in awhile. but hey - GRACE.

during the month of november, i will be a little scarce on this blog. [let's be honest - kinda like i was during october.] i am going to take this time to prepare new posts and get all the technical stuff lined out for the new blog. i will still post, just not very often. thank you for all your support. i love y'all!


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