tidbits of life.

- snow day. i woke up monday morning to the wonderful news that i didn't have to go in, so i made a cup of coffee in my favorite mug and snuggled up in my bed with my bible and she reads truth. it was the most wonderful morning. i put on my flowery leggings in hopes that oklahoma would get the spring memo, but it's still freezing cold.

- purple tulips. i bought these lovelies for my half birthday. when i was paying for them at the checkout, the cashier was checking me out. he was very flirty and then asked me how old he looked. okay, dude - not interested, just give me my tulips. but alas, i played his little guessing game and turns out he's nineteen. he informed me that some people think he is twenty and one guy even thought he was twenty-seven. "well, i'm twenty-seven," i replied. zing! the look on his face was hilarious. he was very quick after that.

- talenti gelato. meet my lover, y'all.

- art journal. i started keeping an art journal for twenty-fourteen. i use watercolors, sharpies, pens - basically anything - to document the daily happenings. i am by no means an artist, but this is a fun, creative outlet.

- my year in polaroids journal. this is a fun project. granted it's been somewhat challenging to find appealing subjects lately because of the cold, but that why i like it. challenge leads to inspiration and creativity. 

- pinecone. of course i took a picture of the pinecones. i also recently discovered there is another pinecone tree growing in my grandma's garden. i will be writing about her and this tree in the future.

- exploring. i usually journey up to the pasture in the evenings since i'm at work all day, but on my snow day off, i bundled up and set out in the morning light. it was cold, but it was beautiful. there is something about snowfall that brings a captivating stillness to nature.

- my brother's race car. he took it to tulsa to get it certified, which means he'll be going reeeally fast. eeeekkk!

- valentine's day goodies. strawberry cake donut, bright lipstick, purple nails, and a polaroid of the tulips i bought myself. who says being single on v-day has to be boring?

all photos shot with my iphone 5; edited with VSCOcam; collage - diptic app.


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