Monday, December 8, 2014


y'all. TODAY IS THE DAY. the rebrand of the blog is live!

welcome to WILDBLOOM

my hope and prayer is that this space serves as a vessel of God's love, truth, and lots of grace. this place is where i will share the messy, creative, wonderful, hard, crazy-beautiful parts of my story. my sole purpose is to bring glory to the One who saved my soul.

WILDBLOOM is for the girl who messed up big time and needs a reminder that we serve a merciful God. it's for the woman who is looking for a good lipstick or nail polish recommendation. it's for all the lovelies who think they are alone or need a safe place to come and share the tough stuff. it's for the single girl, the married woman, and the mamas. it's for you. for her. for all of us. so grab a cup of coffee and have a look around, friends.


blog address  //  this is a given, but be sure to bookmark 

updated 'about me' section  //   see it here.

daily reads  //  at the top of the blog, there is a link to all of the blogs i read on a daily basis. check them out!

categories  //  i did away with the labels at the bottom and added categories to the sidebar.

blog button  //  if you'd like to add my blog button to your site, let me know!

facebook  //  it's the same page, but under a different name and link.

twitter  //  the blog now has its own separate twitter account! follow @wildbloomblog on twitter!

pinterest  //  same board, different name.

a huge thank you to aubrey kinch for her amazing design work on the site. this is the third website she has designed for me and homegirl has some serious talent. she blew my expectations out of the water. and a big shoutout to elizabeth for her detailed step-by-step guide on forwarding domain names. what i thought would be the scariest thing since texas chainsaw massacre ended up being fairly simple.

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