Monday, December 1, 2014

a month in review // NOVEMBER

*  a fun night of taking photos for girls in my youth group. bright lipstick makes me happy.
*  rainy days filled with kitty cuddles and lots of coffee.
*  the first snow of the season! it was so pretty and allowed me to slow down and be still before the Lord.
*  winter nature is so beautiful.
*  "the heavens proclaim the glory of God. the skies display His craftmanship."  psalm 19:1.
*  when the temperature climbs to the seventies in november, you will always find me outside.
*  Jesus, coffee, and the cutest socks ever.
*  we put up our christmas tree this weekend! it is so different from what we've had in the past, but i love it.
*  do not ask me how many of these starbucks sugar cookies i have consumed this month because i will never tell. [five.]

-  one day at a time.
-  recipe for mending a broken heart: Jesus, movie night & pizza, and more Jesus.
-  there is beauty in the process. find it. embrace it. learn from it.
-  "genuine total surrender is a personal sovereign preference for Jesus Christ Himself." oswald chambers.
-  sometimes things happen that have no clear explanation. in that uncertainty, God is the only constant.

>  a top-to-bottom clean-fest of my bedroom. yes - even under my bed!
>  a saturday that was anything but typical.
the first snow in oklahoma!
>  friday nights with rizz.
>  thanksgiving. spending the night with grandma & the baby cousins, lots of laughs, and all the mac & cheese.

//   life lately
//   for my single ladies

//  let it be. i was vague about the details, but last month i let my guard down and got burned in a relationship. when a guy tells you sweet things and makes you feel special, it's easy to get swept up in happy thoughts. but i let my heart get ahead of myself. in retrospect, i am grateful for that experience. that pain and struggle led me straight to the feet of Jesus. He reminded me that i am not defined by a boy's disinterest or my feelings or anything but Him.
//  catch up on the instax & self-portrait project.  oh mylanta. it's going to be 2015, and i'll still procrastinate on this.
//  spread love.  this time of year brings out the good in people. i want to soak in all it has to offer, while taking little lessons with my into the new year. i want to love others all the time - every single day - no matter how i myself am feeling. love wins. every time.

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