Wednesday, November 26, 2014

weekly musings.

-  when i rock red lips, t-swift's song always gets stuck in my head.  //  "...and i got that red lip classic thing that you like."

-  there's a shortage of youth to participate in the christmas play, so i volunteered to be elizabeth. it's going to be so fun!

-  trying to find over-the-knee boots that are less julia-roberts-pretty-woman-hooker, more oh-how-fashion-chic is harder than i thought.

-  i am putting up the christmas tree today! we are going with a theme this year, and i cannot wait to make it all pretty.

-  "courage is not knowing the end of the story. courage is taking the next step." annie downs. #SRTbackerparty

-  i watched 'miracle of 34th street' for the first time this week. [i know, don't judge.] it was so cute!

-  the steak kabob from texas roadhouse is the most amazing thing ever.

-  those people selling straighteners in the mall flock to me like vultures. one look at my long hair, and i know i'm caught in their crosshairs.

-  i have eaten a ridiculous amount of puffy cheetos this week.

-  sometimes i have to remind myself that it's just a moo point.

-  i reenacted a football play for my dad and ended up with carpet burn and sore legs.

-  the "recently used" section of emojis says a lot about a person.

-  i am spending the night with my grandma & cousins tonight. it's a thanksgiving tradition, and i am so thrilled!


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