Wednesday, November 5, 2014

november goals.

//  let it be
.  my ability to over-analyze a situation is of epic proportions. i can take a tiny detail and find seven different possibilities and outcomes. while helpful in certain situations, it can take me down a path of worry and fear.

//  catch up on the instax & self-portrait project.  i've been saying this for over a month, and now i'm five weeks behind. oops.

//  spread love.  i want to be more intentional about loving those around me. family, friends, strangers - whoever. i want to show Jesus to anyone and everyone, even in the middle of my own mess. i can get so caught up on things that do not have eternal value. i want to really love people. not out of necessity, but because God's love is overflowing, and i cannot contain it.

linking up with hayley of the tiny twig for goals with grace.

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