Monday, May 19, 2014

and i had the best day with you today.

mama and i had a girls' day on saturday. we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant and indulged in a s'more quesadilla. after dinner, we ventured across town to the park. we walked and talked and stopped at the pond to watch the geese. mama got the idea to play on the swings. i know it's just a swing set, but there was something about that simple moment - swinging in the park with my mama - that i needed. mama noticed the lovliest little flowers by the creek and of course i had to snap a few [dozen] pictures.

it was the best evening. i will never take the little moments for granted. she is my best friend and my confidant and shopping partner in crime and mama all in one. there's a song on taylor swift's second album called the best day that reminds me of these little adventures with my mama.

hey, mama. i know you're reading this. just want you to know i love you, and i had the best day with you today. 

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