a month in review // december 2014.

*  back to blonde, baby!
*  the launch of the blog rebrand.
*  starbucks' sugar cookie.
*  lights at rhema bible college.
*  a snowy saturday.
*  my first OKC thunder game!
*  exploring.
*  bokeh christmas tree lights.
*  fog + raindrops.

-  i have a strong support system in my life. i hadn't fully realized or appreciated it until recently.
-  life is so fleeting and precious. i take it for granted far too much.
-  i cannot control other people. i can only control my reactions.
-  there are people in life who are not for me. this hurts, but it's true.
-  "worry is belief gone wrong. because you don't believe that God will get it right." ann voskamp.
-  people who create drama have no place in my life.
-  my family is the best at cracking jokes to ease a tense situation.

-  too. much. candy. crush.
-  i went to my first thunder game!
-  we had a beautiful, unexpected snowfall. in true oklahoma fashion, it was 90% melted by the afternoon.
-  i cheered on my hometown's high school football team in the state finals.
-  CHRISTMAS. such a wonderful time of year to slow down and reflect on the birth of our Savior.
-  a fun NYE party - happening tonight! 

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