Tuesday, December 23, 2014

weekly musings.

-  I AM BLONDE AGAIN!!! mostly blonde highlights, but i'll take it!

-  i'm trying to decide what photo/documenting/weekly project i want to attempt in 2015. any ideas?

-  MERRY CHRISTMAS! i love you.

-  have you listened to the serial podcast? i am almost finished. it is so interesting!

-  blogging has turned into 10 steps and 50 tips and 7 tricks and 9 ways. STOP IT.

-  everyone in my family knows the terribly wrapped gifts are from me.

-  i started putting together my 'year in review' post. these are always so fun to write! [see 2013]

-  my hometown's football team made it to state but lost. so heartbreaking, but i loved supporting them!

-  my current favorite song is soul on fire by third day.

-  i am finally caught up on my self-portrait & polaroid project! [see insta: #my2014inpolaroids]

-  is it weird that i teared up when corey and shawn reunited on 'girl meets world'?

-  my brother gave me one of his curliest curly fries at dinner. it was the sweetest thing.

-  currently reading: the greatest gift - ann voskamp.

-  thank you SO much for all the love on the launch of the new site. y'all make my heart so happy!

-  laugh of the week:  daddy has type-A flu and was given an inhaler to help his cough. he asked how it was supposed to fit it in his nose. we cried from laughter!

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