weekend photo diary.

 the blonde is back!

 thousands of lights at rhema bible college.

 YOU GUYS. a penguin.

i jumped the fence to take a selfie with him.

 so pretty!

 isaiah 9:6

 spending the evening with my family and youth group made my heart so full.
 bricktown - OKC

 waiting in line.

 my first thunder game!

 i was so giddy!


this girl. she is such a blessing!

i am running on fumes this morning. the only time i was at home this weekend was to sleep. what little sleep i got was enough though. this was one of the best weekends. family and friends and christmas lights and lattes and basketball and lots of laughs. my heart was bursting when i woke up this morning. after a tough week, i needed these reminders that this fragile, fleeting life is beautiful. i must soak up every moment, say yes to new adventures, and find the good in everything.


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