Friday, September 2, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day two


::  blog-tember challenge.  i participated in bailey's blog challenge back in 2014. [see posts here.] this time may prove to be way more challenging than the last because i had a lot of free time back then; these days - not so much. my goal is to blog at least 20 of the 30 days.

::  deep clean our home.  last month, jared and i started talking about the possibility of selling our house. it motivated me to start cleaning/rearranging/purging. since i was battling sickness after sickness during springtime, this is my spring cleaning- just in the fall.

::  consistency.  in the Word. with prayer. in wild worship.

::  start working in the childrens' ministry at church.  i am SO excited! i have been attending the ark since jared and i began dating. i have been wanting to get involved because i believe it's important to be involved in the church, not just attend services.

::  read two books.  i still have yet to read the new HP book because i don't want it to end. i might participate in amber's collaboreads this month.

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