BLOGTEMBER | day three

// vacation to estes park, colorado //

this is the second trip to colorado since we've been married. we stayed with jared's uncle, who spoiled us with incredible dinners and wonderful company.

we took a hike to gem lake. what we thought was a simple hike turned out to be a lot more difficult than we imagined. but i felt so accomplished once we reached the top.

the views in estes park took my breath away. we had great coffee and the weather - oh, the weather! a cool 75* every day.

//  wedding fun  //

weddings are great for one reason:
families gather to celebrate love
and come together as one.

that's not the reason though;

it's the CAKE, people.

[kidding. kinda.]

//  a mini-road trip to oklahoma  //

visiting my family is always good for my soul.

i always take a few minutes to walk around their property + explore. i've spent countless hours roaming around the pasture with a camera in hand, praying to the Lord and praising Him.

these days, my husband walks with me. he's an answer to many of those tear-filled prayers.

i'm thankful for the influence of people + places that molded who i am today.

// camping at cheney lake //

jared called me at work one random friday asking if i'd be up for camping that night. after some persuasion, i said yes.

we packed up and headed for the lake, making a pit stop at my favorite coffee shop.

hilarity ensued on the drive to cheney; lots of loud singing and dancing and talking about life. it was good for my soul.

the sun was setting over the lake when we got there. jared wanted to explore a few areas, and that's where i snapped this shot. photos don't do it justice. it was stunning.                   

that was definitely one of our favorite camping adventures.

//  coffee shop talk  //

over the summer, i told hubs i wanted to visit every coffee shop in wichita. being the coffee connoisseur he is, he easily agreed.

we have only visited a few new shops, but ecclesia is two miles down the street from our home. the owner is so great, the atmosphere is perfect [Jesus music, y'all!] and the coffee is stellar.

//  give me all the flowers //

while most girls want tangible gifts [which are great], jared knows the way to my heart: he bought me a membership pass to botanica for valentine's day!

i went a few times this summer. there is something about floral therapy that does good for my mind + soul.

plus taking an incessant amount of photos is always fun.


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