Thursday, September 1, 2016

a month in review | august twenty-sixteen

-  pretty flowers at work.
-  watching a stunning sunset at the lake with husband.
-  roses at botanica.
-  downtown wichita.
-  a masterpiece from the Master Himself.
-  we ate at hanger one steakhouse with my family for my birthday.
-  i made jared pull over so i could snap a few [dozen] photos of this!
-  bubba! it was SO good to see my family.
-  imagine that - another photo of flowers. :)


//  there was a glorious 75* saturday filled with rest + coffee + conversations around a light fire.

//  we spontaneously camped one night at cheney lake. i'll admit that i wasn't too keen on the idea, but by the time i got off work, i started getting excited. it turned out to be one of our favorite camping adventures! we sipped coffee and jammed to the radio on the drive. we explored the lake for an hour, which my photo-obsessed self looooooved. [see here + herehere].

//  THE OLYMPICS! oh mylanta, y'all. jared and i spent every night cuddled on the couch watching our beloved USA athletes dominate almost everything. i will remember these summer olympics for years to come. although i constantly had something in my eyes. [i'm not crying; YOU ARE CRYING.]

//  jared and i binged-watched stranger things on netflix. we are major fans of the series!

//  celebrated my thirtieth birthday! the weeks leading up to that day were weird. i wasn't sure what to feel/think/etc. but then i realized: i can't change it. it's happening. so embrace it! it was a really great day, too. i felt so incredibly loved from husband, family, and friends.

//  CAKE. lots of august birthdays in our families means i get all the cake.

//  we tried a new [to us] coffee shop, twisted java.


::  leave work at work. there is very little stress with my job. but there are times when i have work to be done, and i tend to freak out over deadlines and such. but it is never as bad as it seems in that moment. i learned that if i keep working hard, there's no need to stress over not getting things done. AND if there is a deadline, don't worry about it after i walk out the doors of my office.

::  our God is faithful. though i see this time and time again in my life, He continues to show up in the middle of my messes. i had a moment a few weeks ago at my desk. through tears and frustration, i asked God to take this problem i've had in my body for months, and heal me. or give the doctor wisdom to properly diagnose me. guys. an hour later, i made an appointment with a doctor recommended by my sister-in-law. i went in for the ultrasound, and IT WAS GONE. praise Him! not only did God heal me, but He placed dr. nick in our lives at the right moment. not only does nick care, but he prays with us! our God is faithful to provide.


>>  consistent time in the Word  //  ugh. just... ugh.

>>  celebrate my thirtieth birthday  //  yes! a favorite part of the day: lattes with husband at my favorite coffee shop!

>>  be active  //  we went to the gym a few times a week at the beginning of the month, but slacked off toward the end. BUT we have been eating healthier, so that's a win in my book!

>>  read three books  //  does one and a half count?!

>>  start my wichita project  //  i announced it on instagram, and i plan to launch the site in september.

>>  be flexible  //  i did a fairly good job!

>>  blog three times  //  here  +  here  +  here

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