Wednesday, August 3, 2016

august goals | 2016

consistent time in the Word.  this is my main goal for the month of august. jared and i had a deep conviction last sunday night during worship. after service, we made the decision to use our free time wisely. less video games for him; less netflix for me.

celebrate my thirtieth birthday. guys. i have lots of feelings about this. mostly overly-dramatic ones, but feelings nonetheless. i told jared not to plan a surprise party because i will figure it out. i have watched every single episode of scooby-doo, so i'm basically a super detective.

be active.  twenty-sixteen, for me, has seen it's fair share of health issues. but i've also experience miracles of healing that still leave me weeping at His feet. now that i am starting to feel like myself again, it's time to get back to the gym and work out!

read three books.  i actually finished two books last month, so this is totally doable.

start my explore wichita project.  i will give a lot more details in another blog post, but basically i am going to explore my city and document it along the way.

be flexible.  real talk: sometimes when plans get changed or altered, i feel frazzled. [just ask my husband!] i want to have open arms when it comes to change.

blog three times.  no specific posts or topics, just write.

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