currently | july twenty-sixteen

►  caffeinating

-  give me all the vanilla lattes. 
-  chai lattes.  [there's very little caffeine, but the coffee shop down the street has the best i've ever tasted!]
-  cold brew ethiopian coffee with a splash of milk. 

►  listening to:

-  my worship playlist on spotify. 
-  old school dixie chicks.
-  "here as in heaven" - elevation worship.
-  "on fire" - switchfoot. when jared + i were dating, he told me this song described his feelings for me. #cuethetears

►  reading:  

-  "the one" - kiera case. [i just finished the second book. i've never said this about a book, but i hated it. too bachelor-ish.] 
-  "the bridge from me to you" - lisa shroeder. i randomly grabbed this book at the library after searching for too long.
-  some old blog posts. i still love this, this, + this. i love having photos from daily happenings and reflecting on the words i had on my heart/mind at the time. 

►  watching:  

-  season eleven of criminal minds.
-  season five of gossip girl. [don't judge]
-  the current season of big brother. 

►  creating

-  a to-do list for wichita. i've lived here for over a year, and i've recently had this desire to explore more of the city i call home. i want to visit every coffee shop at least once this year. i want to try hidden gems [renee's + chico's, i'm lookin' at you!] this is also a way for jared and i to get out and make memories together.
-  a daily journal. i'm not allowing myself to buy another journal until i fill up the blank ones that fill too many drawers in my home.
-  a new series titled I N S P O.

►  making my happy:

chai lattes from ecclesia. puppy cuddles. falling asleep next to husband. creativity. going to the library. vanilla lattes. papermate flair pens. jess connolly's fall into freedom workbook. 


►  lessons

-  i must start drinking more water. i got a couple migraines this month which i attribute to poor diet/stress. 

-  worry is harmful to me health. i started out each week worried about the work i had to complete by friday. but here's the thing - by the time the end of the week got here, i had all my work finished and then some. so really, the worry and stress i put myself thru was all for nothing. the last week of july was significantly different because i became aware of the destructive behavior of worry. 

-  i. love. books. i took a short break, honestly because of sickness, but mostly because of laziness. this month, i read three books!

-  whatever happens at work, stays at work. all too often, i take the stress home with me, letting it marinate in my heart and mind. this is not healthy or beneficial.

 ►  happenings:

-  i bought the new harry potter book!

-  tried two new coffee shops in wichita. 

-  lots of coffee. 

-  actually finishing a book.

-  date nights to the movies.

-  more coffee.

-  soaking in these summer days, but ridiculously excited for the coming of fall.

-  i went to botanica one night after work. i was having a stressful week, and i knew that floral therapy was just what i needed.

-  we escaped to the mountains for the fourth of july weekend. it was glorious.

-  one of my co-workers had a birthday. y'all know what that means? CAKE.

-  the single best thing i did this month was take a saturday afternoon to rest and work thru jess connolly's summer to thrive guide. you guys - it made me realize that my procrastination over the last six months was rooted in excuses - my up-and-down health issues, a new position at work, and all the little things i used as a means to justify the "i'll do it tomorrow/later/next week" phrase.


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